Sunday, 14 September 2014

Popping to see Pip

On the 28th of August my sister Bethany and her husband Lewis welcomed their little baby girl Philippa Emma into the world. 
Photo: Lewis & I would like to welcome our baby girl, "Philippa Emma Wirgman Smith". She was born at 4:42pm 28th August 2014, weighing 7lbs 9oz. She was a waterbirth at St.Peters Hospital in the Birth Centre. I was very blessed to have a very speedy delivery :) We love her to pieces, and are in awe.

I am so happy for them both and am certain they will both make amazing parents. 

During the first two weeks of her life, poor little Philippa has had to deal with eye infections, a dangerous rash, being on antibiotics and has had difficulty feeding. But she is a little fighter and is now coming through the other side.

Today, Gareth and I decided we wanted to take a little drive over to meet their new little one and give them some prezzies. To try and minimise the possibility of catching any infections from our little ones, we went on a walk round a local forest. It was lovely to have a chat and let the kids explore. 

Little Philippa is joining a truly lovely family and I can't wait till she's old enough to start playing with our Bennie :)

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Aniah starts school

In July of this year, Gareth and I attended the meet and greet morning at the school Aniah would be attending in September. There we met with the reception teacher and saw the classroom she would be spending her first year of school in. It was a very surreal experience, but the reality that Aniah was going to be starting school hadn't properly sunk in. 

The clothes we bought at the start of the summer had been safely stored away most of the holidays and as I began sticking name labels on her clothes, it really did start hitting home that my baby girl was about to begin a very big adventure. 

We sat down together and talked about what she had loved about nursery and she drew some pictures to accompany a thank you card and chocolates to take to nursery after her first day of school. We talked about how she was not going back there but that she was going to start big school very soon, which she has finally started warming up to.

The big day arrived. She was quite excited about putting on her new uniform and getting a new school bag. We had a little time to take pictures before heading out.

Gareth and I got a little teary as we walked Aniah up to the school gates. Thankfully I managed to hold it together until after we said our goodbyes.

Watching her sit there, still so small and vulnerable was emotional. Question after question going through my mind ...will she make friends easily? will she like her teacher? what if other kids are mean? 

Nanny was even came down to watch the big day.

 I truly hope she settles in well and that her experience of school is as positive as my own was.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Ben's blessing

Today we gathered with our wonderful family for the blessing of Benedict.

We love our handsome little man.

Friday, 29 August 2014

colour recognition games

Zak and I invented a great game the other day. We used an old biscuit container to place little craft hearts into then used the empty easter egg halves to cover each of them over. While Zak looked away, I removed one of the hearts and then replaced the egg case on top. He then had to try and guess which one it was had no heart underneath. It was a good way to practice his colour recognition as we would give each other clues such as "it's one of the blue ones"....

While we were doing this, Aniah played a little dress up activity from her birthday.

To continue the colour recognition play, we started using the peg board to make patterns.

A great big sister

Aniah absolutely dotes on Bennie. She is really gentle and kind with him. It's so lovely to see how caring she is with him. 

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Concussion, a broken nose and trip to A& E

Gareth trains for rugby on a Tuesday and Thursday night. Every time he goes, at the back of my mind I'm always wondering what injury he will come home with. 

One fateful night, I opened the door to see Gareth staggering towards the door with a very mashed up looking nose and a confused look on his face. "I think I need to go to the hospital". 

After getting him inside and asking him a few questions, it was clear he was badly concussed. Esther kindly came to the rescue and baby sat the kids while I took Gareth to the hospital. All the way there we went over the same question and statements at least 20 times. " Is it bad?" " I think I broke it"... 

After a few hours, the doctors confirmed he had a nasty concussion and a cat scan revealed there was no permanent damage. They wanted to book him in for anaesthetic to re-set his nose, however Gareth decided he wanted it done there and then without pain relief. The nurse kindly offered a bit of gas and air to take the edge off. After a trainee doctor tried and failed resetting, a more experienced doctor stepped in and gave it a few crunchy squeezes to push it back in place. All the while Gareth was urging him on with "get it done.. go go go "  

In the morning, the kids were very sympathetic as they looked at Daddy's poorly nose.

Water play

As I was sorting through the recycling one day, an idea popped into my head. I had several glass bottles and figured it might be fun to let the kids fill the bottles with water and see what different sounds they could make. 

I first demonstrated how the sound that the bottles made as they were tapped changed depending on how much water was in them, then gave them a stick each to have a go. 

They ended up pouring the water from bottle to bottle and having a little tap on them from time to time.

They became more interested in the filling process than the music element of the activity in the end so I threw a funnel into the mix and that really got them both excited.