Friday, 24 April 2015

Easter trip to Scotland

So here I am... a month on from the last blog post thinking "what ... wait a second... did a month just go by and I've still not caught up?". Alas, squeedlebum I rock at managing my time.

I've spent 10 minutes trying to figure out whether I try and catch up from where I left off before, or if I do something a bit more recent.

We'll go with recent. I just finished putting together this collage of our family -

Ain't that just the cutest thang....

This is the family tree. We found it on the grounds of Kelburn Castle back in 2009, and since then it's become a little tradition for us to take a photo there as the family has grown.

It was just a few weeks ago we decided to make a quick trip North of the border to visit Nanny and Grandpa Polland. It was a delightfully sunny few days (though still pretty cold at times).

We made a trip to the stunning Eglinton Park...

 I told Aniah that this was where Rapunzel's castle was. She wasn't at all excited by this idea.

Sometimes I look at her and I see gimpses of her 'grown up' face. Then I shake it away, I'd rather see the baby face for a bit longer.  

This one is still well and truly in the baby face stage ... thank goodness!

And this little one. Oh, I could just eat him up.  He is so desperate to be a 'big boy', but I keep telling him - "No Zak, don't grow up too fast or you'll make me sad".


These are Gareth's very loveable nephiews who came along for the day. Such good kids.

Gareth hates photos, but on this occasion he seemed much too keen to 'strike a pose' . Love the one with Aniah - she snuck up behind him and tried to pose too.

Silly faces... not sure how Aniah got cut out though :( 

 We found this odd headless statue. Our attempt at being the heads is pretty lame, but we thought it was really funny at the time!

 The next day, we made a trip to Kelburn country park and castle, where there were lots of fun things for the kids to get up to...

 We also made sure we took an updated family tree shot :)

All my very favourite people...

Sometimes Aniah is just the sweetest thing. Here she was helping Zak put his shoes back on :) 

Any time we tell the kids we are going on holiday, their first respone (particularly Zak) is to should "Can we go to the beach?"

Gareth took us to Irvine beach, one we had not visited before. It was a beautiful sandy beach with tonnes of dunes. Before we arrived, Gareth spoke about how cold the water is in Scotland particularly when it's not Summer. He was doubtful if the kids would even want to go into the water. Ha. Apparently they don't feel the cold...

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Master Benedict turns 1

My goodness me... my baby boy has turned 1. Have we really had this little ball of sunshine in our lives for a year??

We celebrated his birthday with the traditional morning festivities. He had plenty of help opening presants from the older siblings :) He seemed rather overwhelmed by the whole thing, but was very excited by all the attention. 

Bennie, you really are my little ray of sunshine. I love the way you take things in your stride and the way you light up the room with your smile. While you cried almost solidly for the first 3 months of your life, since then you have made up for the tears with the smiles and laughter. I love you to the moon and back.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Catch up ... September October 2014

Hah... so that new year’s resolution went well!! My wise mother is against setting new year resolutions and always shudders when being challenged to do them. Yeah, perhaps she’s on to something ….

There is a girl I know from facebook who recently made the very bold decision to leave it entirely and start up a blog. How brave and liberating.  I am slightly still in awe of that. Although, having looked at how far behind I am with our life, and knowing I’ve probably spent way longer than I’d care to admit scanning over other people’s lives… there may be a lesson to be learnt.

September 2014 was where things began slowing down on here, so standby for a very fast journey through our lives over the last 5 months.

September 2014
On the days that I feel ‘on top of it’ (which, let’s face it, is very rare), before picking Aniah up from school I get a few games ready for them to play to follow on from the kind of learning she is doing at school…

Spot the thing beginning with ‘e’.

Find the matching digit.


I feel very lucky indeed to have a kind father who regularly comes to mow my lawn. I am so pants at gardening, this is the only real attention it gets. I seem to have inherited his love of the outdoors and nature, but completely avoided the green finger part.

Investigating mini beasts from the garden J

Mud kitchen.
One of the new buzz words/activities in early years education is having an outdoor kitchen filled with natural resources and mud. I loved the idea of this and had a go at making a version for the kids. It was such an enjoyable afternoon watching Zak potter with everything in the baking hot sun. Aniah got to join in later in the day too. My very organised pots of leaves, acorns and grass was quickly thrown into one central mud pie pot!

Bennie wasn’t old enough to join in with these kinds of messy play activities… those were the days he would be more than happy to lay and kick about on the play mat. Love, love, love his beautiful smile and temperament. 


One of the wonderful (total sarcasm) things about being a parent to my kids is being able to watch the sunrise every morning. Oh how I love thee sunrise…a daily reminder that I should still be under my douvet. In all honesty, I have genuinely loved hearing their excited voices shout – ‘Look mummy… the sunrise!!!’… the excitement is contagious. I love being reminded about the wonder of seeing something beautiful for the first time.

Their name writing is really getting there now J

 Ever the mischief maker is our Zak.

A selection of photos from our trip to see some local Ironbridge museums – 

Willy Wonka eat your heart out!

My sister Bethany and her husband Lewis had their daughter’s baby blessing in October. It was great to share this special day with them.

 Izaak’s 3rd Birthday.

Zak decided he wanted a Superhero themed party this year. Last year he had a low key day due to there being rather a lot on at the time. So, in order to assuage my guilt, this year I made a few more preparations…

Spider Jelly (this totally grossed the kids out!!)

 He got a spiderman scooter, batman action figure and a batman costume…

Activities for the party included diffusing the ‘bombs’ ie popping 


Making superhero masks...

Superhero training...

A really fun and windy day out at Attingham Part with the family…

Love this one of the cousins...

Play dough hedge hogs...

Love my smiley boy...

Some Saturday’s Gareth is now working due to changing shifts at Aldi’s. Therefore, some weekends I get to spend the day with the kids on my own. I’ll be honest and say, there are days that I literally feel like tearing my hair out. But on this particular occasion the kids played really nicely. 
In the morning we made a pirate ship…

Operation ‘clean up’...

Then we went on a walk to the park. 

Aniah took her big sister role very seriously

After some fun at the park, we decided to venture on a walkway we’d never been down before. I realised the error of my ways when five minutes into the walk the kids got tired of pushing their scooters and therefore I was left carrying them both and pushing Bennie. 10 minutes… kids start showing signs of fatigue. 15 mintues… the whingeing begins. 20 minutes… the wailing. 25… I’m dragging 2 children, 2 scooters and a buggy up a steep hill praying I don’t give into the urge I have to desert all children and baggage and head home alone.

We got home eventually. Big sigh of relief. Later that afternoon, I had what was probably one of the scariest experiences of my life. My little Bennie fell from the side of my kitchen counter (he’d been strapped into his baby chair) onto the floor as I was grabbing his food from the microwave.   The sound of the sickening thud as he hit the floor will never be forgotten. After waiting what seemed like an eternity, a paramedic and ambulance arrived. We were taken to the hospital, where he was checked and finally given the all clear. What had started out as a very pleasant day, turned into a dreadful nightmare.

I had an interview for a job at a nursery in October (which I’m now grateful I didn’t get). I had prepared a lesson based around ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. So after I came back, the kids took great pleasure playing with the small world play.

'swishy swashy, swishy swashy'

'splish, splosh, splish splosh'

'It's a bear!!!!'

'whooooo, woooooo'

'squelch, squolch, squelch'

It was nice to see they were able to continue the same role play the following day...

Dinosaur school....

During half term we went on a family trip to The National Space centre –


What a smile!!

Mud pies are always a lot of fun –



The obligatory pumpkins…

Gross looking porridge for breakfast...

This year, Aniah wanted to dress up as Malificent after seeing the film in the cinema. While Daddy took Zak on a father son date and Bennie slept, Aniah and me spent time making a costume,

I used an old hairband, tin foil, bin bags and selotape. It was a labour of love, but totally worth it when I saw it on her J


All ready for trunk or treat...

ok... this post took all night, next catch up post coming soon, ie in a few months from now