Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Flour pit!

I've been saying to Gareth how much Aniah would love a sand pit in the garden, but between it being winter and never remembering to buy any sand while I'm out I've not gotten around to it. However, the other day I came across a blog (unfortunately can't remember who's) showing someone who'd used flour instead. Perfect!!

So, while Aniah had her nap, I set about filling up a storage box with a bag of plain flour (54p) and getting a load of random boxes, spoons and things that I thought would give her some scope for fun!

 I prepared myself for a flour covered garden while she ate her lunch. As soon as I opened the box ... she dove straight in... filling pots then throwing it all over the garden path.

As you can see by her face ... she had a lot of fun!

Then came out the sieve ...

She really wanted a go with this... in the picture she's not yawning, but signing please!

Flour face :)

Half way through we got a little visit from Aniah's Auntie Martha and cousin Joshy... doesn't he look cute in his hat?!

 Martha joined in on the fun too!

While Aniah played happily all afternoon in the garden, Zak played with toys and I did some much needed weeding and laundry ...

I realised that this activity was a great way to promote making marks and teaching shapes ...

Towards the end I watched with amusement as she pushed the flour around the box with her hands and ended up clambering in.

Fun times!

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